Central to machine translation (MT) technology for high-quality translation and associated multilingual applications development is the availability and access to the appropriate language resources. The QT21 repository builds upon the META-SHARE infrastructure (www.meta-share.eu, www.meta-share.org) and provides all support mechanisms for identification, acquisition, documentation, sharing, search and retrieval of machine translation related data sets and language processing tools, and/or their metadata-based descriptions

The population of the QT21 repository is an ongoing process, aiming to offer a reference point including all datasets and tools available, relevant and fit for MT research and development, respecting all legal, and possibly other, restrictions and preferences.

Resource providing members will be able to modify their resources and their descriptions, as well as add new ones, thus enriching and keeping the repository and inventory updated.


META-SHARE, the open language resource exchange facility, is devoted to the sustainable sharing and dissemination of language resources (LRs) and aims at increasing access to such resources in a global scale.

META-SHARE is an open, integrated, secure and interoperable sharing and exchange facility for LRs (datasets and tools) for the Human Language Technologies domain and other applicative domains where language plays a critical role.

META-SHARE has been implemented in the framework of the META-NET Network of Excellence. It is designed as a network of distributed repositories of LRs, including language data and basic language processing tools (e.g., morphological analysers, PoS taggers, speech recognisers, etc.).

The META-SHARE Infrastructure

META-SHARE provides a multi-layer infrastructure that:

  • makes available quality LRs and related metadata over the META-SHARE network;
  • ensures that such LRs and metadata are properly preserved and maintained;
  • makes a set of services available to all META-SHARE members and users;
  • promotes the use of widely acceptable standards for language resource building which ensures the maximum possible interoperability of LRs;
  • allows associated third parties to easily index their LRs over the META-SHARE network;
  • allows any potential user of the LRs to easily and legally acquire the requested high quality LRs.

Connect and Share! - Our vision

META-SHARE Members set up and maintain their own Language Resource Repositories, the META-SHARE Network Nodes, acting as Repository Service Providers. They can do so by using the open source META-SHARE software which is freely available at GitHub.

META-SHARE Members who do not wish to set up their own language resource repository can deposit their language resources to META-SHARE repositories maintained by other META-SHARE Network Members who undertake to host and/or be responsible for those LRs (hosting repositories).

META-SHARE Managing Nodes are META-SHARE Network Members that provide core services to all META-SHARE Network Members, acting as Core Service and User Support Service providers.

Third Parties are able to use the search services and easily acquire LRs from the META-SHARE network in accordance with the relevant licensing terms and conditions.