The anonymizer web service can be used to substitute proper nouns with tags. This process anonymizes an input text by eliminating any person, place, corporation, etc. name.

This web service automatically calls the Freeling3 web service and makes use of its Named Entity Recognition tool to detect proper nouns.


These Terms and Conditions of Service will apply to your use of anonymizer (web-service) and by using anonymizer , you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Service.
(a) Authorized Users: users affiliated with a research or non-profit educational institution.
(b) Authorized Use: Restricted to use for research or educational purposes. You should have the right to legally use the “Input data” to the web-service and hence acquire all rights to the output data.
(c) Prohibited use: commercial purposes, including charging a fee-for-service; it is also prohibited to use input data for which you did not obtain the necessary rights.
(d) Warranty; Disclaimers: authorized Users recognize that PANACEA is an aggregator of third-party web-services. anonymizer owner warrants that to its knowledge use of the anonymizer in accordance with the terms of this document will not infringe the copyright of any third party.
(e) Liability: anonymizer and PANACEA will not be liable, and Users agree that they will not hold PANACEA or anonymizer liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damages, costs, and/or attorneys fees of any kind that result from the use of anonymizer / PANACEA.

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