FreeLing is an open source language analysis tool suite, released under the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation.
The FreeLing project was created and is currently leaded by Lluís Padró as a means to make available to the community the results of the research carried out at the UPC natural language research group.
What's new in FreeLing 3.0:
- Full UTF-8 support.
- New languages: Russian and old Spanish (XII-XVI).
- Reorganized ML components. Inclusion of SVM models thaks to libsvm.
- Simpler installation: External dependencies only from out-of-the-box libboost packages.
- Compilable in Linux, MacOSX, and Windows (with MSVC).
- Improved server mode.

These tools are developed and maintained at TALP Research Center, in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. They also benefit from many external contributions from a wide community.
If you use FreeLing in academic works, please cite us appropriately.
Brief descriptions of FreeLing are also available in: Russian.


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