META-NORD Sofie German Treebank

German Sofie

The German part of the META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank. This is a syntactically annotated parallel corpus based on the first chapters of the novel “Sofies verden” (Sophie's World) by Jostein Gaarder, published by Aschehoug forlag. The treebank consists of grammatical annotations of extracts from the German translation of the novel, originally created as part of the Nordic Treebanking Network and now included in the extended META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank. The novel was translated by Gabriele Haefs and the German translation is published by Carl Hanser Verlag. For more information, see the metadata description of the META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank.


The following terms hold for the use of the treebank:

The IPR holdership remains with Jostein Gaarder, who kindly permits INESS to distribute the "Sofie analyses" outside the project under the following terms of use:
a. The "Sofie analyses" can only be used for language technology research and development.
b. The users of the "Sofie analyses" are not allowed to redistribute or to publish the "Sofie analyses", only the knowledge and work that has been made on the basis of the "Sofie analyses",
c. The users of the "Sofie analyses" will ensure appropriate acknowledgement/references to the author of the original text, Jostein Gaarder, to Aschehoug Publishing house, to Carl Hanser Verlag and to the project INESS.

The alignments in the META-NORD Sofie Parallell Treebank are available under a CC-BY license (

Attribution text:
“Alignments provided by the project INESS ( in cooperation with META-NORD ("

To download the treebank, go to and proceed as follows:

1. From the menu on the left, choose "Treebank selection".
2. Under "Treebank Collections", click "Sofie". A list of chosen treebanks will appear in the lower part of the page.
3. In the "Name" column, click on the treebank you wish to view.
4 Accept the terms of use.
5. A download link will appear at the bottom of the page.

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